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Here at Step by Step Childminding we have a range of toys for children to play with and that also cover all areas of learning. These toys are accessible to the children at all times. Each week the children are observed in their play and from those observations we see where they are in their level of development and plan for the next week for them to help support their learning. We do have a monthly topic which parents and carers are informed of through newsletters and these topics are themes which we will provide extra activities within these themse for your child to learn and explore. We have a weekly and daily routine which parents and carers can see on the parents board. Our weekly routine consists of going to local toddler group, local library rhyme time,soft play centres, the local parks, local shops and feeding the ducks. The individual child's interest is the main focus at all times and we work in partnership with the parents. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage at all times to support under 5's learning.


Although we are not required to follow a framework for over 5's. We will support with any homework your child brings home from school and in holidays provide activities that require thinking and concentration and physcial skills and also days out.







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1st February 2013: New newsletter available.


Babysitting service is now up and running contact for details.


Spaces are now filling and FAST contact ASAP for space for your child or children!!

Parent's Reminders - Upcoming Important Dates


8th February

We are celebrating Chinese New Year and trying Chinese food


12th February

Shrove Tuesday – we will be having PANCAKES


14th February

Valentines Day - Wear something messy as we will be making lots of nice things!


15th February

We will be going to the farm after we had to cancel last month due to the snow


18th – 22nd February



22nd February

Invoices sent out for March



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